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NephroWorld provides end-to-end renal services during the Hemodialysis process, through highly experienced nephrologists as well as well trained clinical staff. Our Nephrologists provide excellent patient care, working alongside with psychologists and dieticians to give you the best quality of life.Our Clinic ensures all your Hemodialysis sessions are archived; keeping in mind revised patient history is required for continued treatment.


Hemoperfusion is a type of dialysis which is used to remove harmful substances from patients body.

Hemoperfusion is mainly used to remove Cytokines and to reducing its inflammation.Normally charcoal filters are used for hemoperfusion.

Chronic Hemodialysis

Chronic Hemodialysis is adviced to those patients who are on ESRD(End Stage Renal Disease).

Normally, patients who are suffering from ESRD are subjected for Regular Dialysis for thrice or twice a week depending on their water intake and urea creatinine level.

Acute Hemodialysis

Acute Haemodialysis means Acute Kidney Disease occurs when kidney suddenly fails to filter the toxic substances from patient’s body.

Acute kidney failure may be reversible. This could happen due to kidney stone or by the intake of some poisonous substences.

Regular OPD Consultation

At NephroWorld we provide regular OPD consolation to all our guest. Patients need to check there blood investigation on monthly basis and meet to their respective consultant for medicine advice and advices regarding Dialysis.

Regular OPD consultation is important because due to regular consultation respective doctor for any patient has all the information about that patient and it helps the doctor to known about his patients recent conditions and his previous history

Continuos Renal Replacement Therapy

Continuos Renal Replacement Therapy or CRRT is a type of Dialysis that goes on form a maximum of 72hrs once it starts. There are mainly 4 types of CRRT

  • SCUF:-Slow Continuos Ultrafiltration
  • CVVH:-Continuos Venovenus Hemofiltration
  • CVVHD:-Continuos Venovenus Hemodialysis
  • CVVHDF:-Continuos Venovenus Hemodiafiltration.

CRRT is mostly done in Acute Kidney Injury conditions and after recovery of renal function CRRT discontinued.

Slow Low-Efficiency Dialysis

SLED is mainly adviced by doctors when patient is fluid overloaded and electrolytes are at higher side but patient BP is lower side. During this, normal HD will not be advised as it removes excess fluid and patients might go inti Hypotension. In SLED we are removing excess fluid and excess toxins in slow process. In SLED process Blood Pump Speed and Dialysate are adjusted to a slower rate.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Therapeutic plasma exchange is also known as Plasmapheresis and is a process used to replace the plasma from patient body with new fresh plasma or from donor plasma. This process is mainly used during the time of kidney transplant when receivers blood group and donors blood group is different so that patient don't get any kind of infection during transplant.