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At NephroWorld, exemplary customer service is paramount. We focus on your emotional and physical needs before we focus on your treatment. Better the interaction and behavior with our patients, quicker the treatment procedure becomes. With these new changes of tailored treatment in comparison to conventional treatment methods, we have changed how treatment procedures are carried out in our country.

  • NephroWorld India utilizes High Quality Equipments such as HD machines, Reprocessing machine, Monitors, RO from top manufacturers, to provide the latest technology and equipments to our patients.
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Results of test procedures processed on site are reported to the health care provider the same day during regular business hours. Testing and services available through our Laboratory include:

  • Regular OPD Consultation
  • Chronic Hemodialysis
  • Acute Hemodialysis
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  • Continuos Renal Replacement Therapy
  • Slow Low-Efficiency Dialysis
  • Hemoperfusion

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We have request forms available for diagnostics that list the test panels and individual markers currently available.

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Our team of Nephrologists, Urologists, Surgeons, Nurses and Technicians highly value our patients before themselves or the clinic, ensuring high quality of service and treatments are being provided.

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1.If I have kidney disease, will I need dialysis?

The early stages of CKD can last for many years and you don’t need dialysis. But if your kidneys fail, dialysis or a kidney transplant will be needed to keep you alive.

That depends on what stage your CKD is in and how quickly it progresses.

Yes. To arrange your tour at a NephroWorld dialysis centre, call NW team for prior appointment on +919035982544, +919075105160,+918826775718

It’s time for you to learn about all the treatment options for kidney failure: Peritoneal dialysis (PD), Haemodialysis and kidney transplant. You have some choices to make. If you do PD, which is a home dialysis option, you will need to have a tube surgically placed in your abdomen. If you do haemodialysis, whether in centre or at home, you will need to have surgery soon to create a vascular access and allow it to heal. If you want a kidney transplant, talk with your Nephrologist

5.When should I start dialysis?

National Kidney Foundation (NKF) guidelines recommend you start dialysis when your kidney function drops to 15% or less or if you have severe symptoms caused by your kidney disease, like shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle cramps or nausea and vomiting. Your doctor will help you decide, based on lab tests that measure how much kidney function you have left and on your symptoms.

Yes, dialysis is something you can do for the rest of your life. And, most people on dialysis enjoy a good quality of life. Some people have been on dialysis for 30 years or more without getting a transplant. How long you can live on dialysis, and how well you do, will depend on a number of things, including how healthy you are, your attitude, your quality of healthcare and how much you take an active role in your care.

The usual schedule for haemodialysis treatments is three times a week. The length of your treatment depends on what is prescribed. Four hours is common.