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NephroWorld India provides end-to-end renal services during the Hemodialysis process, through highly experienced nephrologists as well as well trained clinical staff. Our Nephrologists provide excellent patient care, working alongside with psychologists and dieticians to give you the best quality of life.medical2 Our Clinic ensures all your Hemodialysis sessions are archived; keeping in mind revised patient history is required for continued treatment.

HemoDialysis at NeproWorld India

 The Dialyzers that we use for Hemodialysis meet International Standards and are procured from Certified International Manufacturers, in order to avoid patients suffering from pain during their dialysis process, which could be due to infections and dialyser allergy. This way, patients get a gentle and painless procedure, eliminating the possibility of infections.

The Dialyzers we use are well sterilized after every procedure without leaving any trace of blood and are absolutely safe to use. Therefore through dialysis, successful removal of wastes such as urea, potassium, creatine and extra fluids are eliminated.

If you were to ask why do Hemodialysis at NephroWorld?

We would say NephroWorld has a unique way of making patients feel like guests at a lounge, relaxing themselves waiting for their next flight. We do not make our patients go through the harsh process and experience of dialysis that maybe done at a regular hospital; instead we make the whole dialysis process easy and stress free for our patients.

(All the procedures are automated, including the reuse of dialyser. We have International Standard Quality protocol for RO maintenance, starting and winding of a session, Reuse etc)

How can we be so sure?

Simply because, we use the latest technology available from leading manufactures, who provide us with their innovative machines and equipments. Our Dialyzers and Reverse Osmosis plant come from these top manufactures and even our basic equipment of needles and syringes come from them. This ensures high quality of products are being used at our clinic.Doctor portrait

Our Expert Care

During the dialysis session, we suggest being at the hands of our expert Nephrologists and clinical staff for close monitoring of your condition and for a smoother process. It is preferred to do so in order to avoid any unknown complications that may arise later. Our team has handled the dialysis process for years, meaning they have unparallel experience and training in different situations of the dialysis course. Even though we keep you under close monitoring, our machines are automated to keep you ease.

Below is how we go all out in keeping our patients relaxed and entertained.

How do we do it?

In our private rooms, we allow patients to bring their own laptop in order to do their office work or even watch programmes through our dedicated TV. Why not enjoy surfing the net through our Wi-Fi system during the dialysis course, get to know more about the latest news and trends that’s happening in the market as well as your regional surroundings.

In your 4 hour dialysis period, you can be sure of our quality of service and even suggest us how you would like your treatment to be taken care of.

Education and Protocols

While we are performing your dialysis, we also educate you about our strict protocols and methods in place, so that you are aware, how seriously we take our patients during their dialysis. None of the standard protocols are missed or neglected towards our patients or their families.

We assure you best quality of service from our side as per our Operational Standards.


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